31 October 2008

Last day for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on etsy for October Fest!

It is hard to believe it is already the 31st of the month! It may be halloween but the only treat for you is that there is one day left for the free worldwide shipping sale on Etsy! Here is the list of shops involved:

Today is your last chance to treat yourself on etsy!

October Fest Free Worldwide Shipping SALE:Quick Links

* 2monkees.etsy.com
* AMomentAMemory28.etsy.com
* AutumnLeavesJewelry.etsy.com
* beadinaroundtheblock.etsy.com
* beauxbijoux.etsy.com
* benandlucyboutique.etsy.com
* christiecottage.etsy.com
* EarthsOpulence.etsy.com
* estanciadesigns.etsy.com
* heatherknitz.etsy.com
* impulsive.etsy.com
* kreationsbykiki.etsy.com
* lillyqueen.etsy.com
* lizzypops.etsy.com
* maineleecrochet.etsy.com
* MomNMiaQuilts.etsy.com
* mrsdstahl.etsy.com
* novadesigns.etsy.com
* perennialpiecer.etsy.com
* pulpsushi.etsy.com
* QuietMind.etsy.com
* shannonsroom.etsy.com
* sidheforest.etsy.com
* simplymega.etsy.com
* spazzy.etsy.com
* storybeader.etsy.com
* studiodeanna.etsy.com
* theduskyjewel.etsy.com
* trilea.etsy.com
* uberart.etsy.com
* vicmes.etsy.com
* WagsCreations.etsy.com
* weaselle.etsy.com
* XenaraesRoom.etsy.com

Sale ends tonight at midnight! 11:59 pm est!

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Tech bytes...I need the new Nikon D90 camera...oh baby!

The "knitty gritty" on this camera....ooh la la
  • 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS imaging sensor: Coupled with Nikon's EXPEED image processing technologies and NIKKOR optics, breathtaking image fidelity is assured.
  • Continuous shooting as fast as 4.5 frames-per-second: Combined with fast 0.15ms power-up and split-second 65ms shooting lag, dramatic action and decisive moments are captured easily.
  • D-Movie Mode—Cinematic 24fps HD with sound: Record cinematic-quality movie clips at up to 720p HD (1280 x 720 pixels) in Motion JPEG format, enhanced by NIKKOR interchangeable lens quality and versatility.
  • Low noise ISO sensitivity from 200 to 3200: High signal-to-noise components and design deliver exceptional performance, even at high ISO setting.
  • 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot color LCD monitor: High resolution, 170-degree wide-angle viewing guarantees confident image review and movie playback.
  • Built-in image sensor cleaning: Effective 4-frequency, ultrasonic sensor cleaning frees image degrading dust particles from the sensor's optical low pass filter.
  • 11-point AF system with Face Priority: Consistently fast and accurate autofocus, reinforced by the Nikon Scene Recognition System, delivers razor sharpness in a wide variety of conditions.
  • One-button Live View: Easy to use Live View activates access to 3 contrast detection focus modes including Face Priority AF.
  • Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering II with Scene Recognition System: Nikon's renowned 420-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering II, teamed with the exclusive Scene Recognition System, evaluates images, referencing an on-board database of over 30,000 photographic scenes, for unmatched exposure accuracy.
  • Comprehensive exposure control: Five advanced scene modes plus Program Auto, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual.
  • Auto Active D-Lighting: Selectable and Automatic, Active D-Lighting optimizes details within shadows and highlights, taming high-contrast situations in real time.
  • Durable, high precision shutter: Testing to over 100,000 cycles assures shutter life and accuracy.
  • In-Camera Image Editing: Creative freedom stems from exclusive in-camera image editing, featuring Fisheye effect, Straighten and Distortion Control as well as D-Lighting, Red-eye Reduction, Image Overlay, Monochrome and more.
  • GPS geo-tagging: GP-1 GPS unit (optional) provides automatic real-time geo-tagging.

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30 October 2008

I've really gone M A D ....for PLAID!

These are brand new 2" oversized magnets! I just love these and will be adding them soon to my shops!

I just love these button bracelets and so I took the catholic school girl in me (no, I did not attend catholic school) and applied it to these fun accessories!

I love these fancy hair clips! They are high polish silver and of course, P L A I D !

Some more pics of my 2" plaid magnets....

These are some of my mixed plaid button bracelets~

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27 October 2008

Etsy Giveaway: happygrandma402905.etsy.com

Do you want to win this SERIOUSLY preppy and sassy HAIR BOW?

Please go visit her shop,
Sweet Pea Boutique
then come back here and leave a comment
about your favorite item in her etsy shop!

SWEET PEA BOUTIQUE is my featured etsy seller this week as well! Please be sure to read her interview as well!

We will pick a winner on Monday morning,
November 3rd! Thanks for looking
at her bright and beautiful shop!

PLEASE be sure we have a way of contacting you!

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And the winner is....mel*~reachforthestars~* woo hoo!
Congratulations on the big win!

Featured Etsy Seller: happygrandma402905.etsy.com

My featured seller this week on etsy is happygrandma402905.etsy.com!

I have been involved in early childhood education for over 30 years, as a teacher for over 20 years, and as an administrator the past 11. Married to a terrific guy for 35 years, we are the parents of a married-with-kids daughter who is a speech therapist, and a son in graduate school for forensic accounting (there is an end in sight for college tuition!!)

I grew up on a farm in the country in beautiful southwest Georgia, with horses, cows, pigs, the works! My grandmothers and mother all made sure I knew how to do many things by hand, including cooking, baking and canning vegetables (somehow I don’t have time for that like I should!) I have always enjoyed crafting, sewing, smocking, cross stitch, painting, etc.

When my granddaughter was born, I began making hairclips and bows for her. I used to make them for my daughter when she was a child, and am enjoying utilizing some new techniques I have learned. After so many people asked where she got her bows and clips, I decided to branch out and make them for others as well. That led to my online shop at etsy, where I have been selling for about a year and a half. My user name for my online shop just had to be happygrandma, because that is exactly what I am! My two grandchildren are such a joy to me! I have become one of those people I used to run and hide from when they started with a new cute story about their grandkids…..anybody want to see some cute pictures??

My favorite purchase on etsy....hmmm...aren't they all my favorite, lol, but I would have to say it was one of my early purchases for a handmade purse that I am still carrying! It has been to the beach several times, out to Lake Tahoe, and has carried everthing from diapers to food to crafting supplies.

I do not currently have a blog, although it does look tempting to start one. I just have so much time for all my addictive pasttimes!! I did recently start to "twitter", though and it is fun! http://twitter.com/happygrandma402

I love Etsy because it gives me an outlet for my hairbows but also because I have gotten to know some fantastic ladies (and gentlemen) from all over the world! I have seen people come together for support both financially and emotionally for those in need, and have been lifted by many of the heartwarming stories I have read.

My personality in 5 words?
wacky, passionate, optimistic, humorous, outgoing
There are lots more I'm sure others would use!!


Visit Sweet Pea Boutique today!

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Change is in the air...Etsy Treasury!

I just snagged a treasury on etsy!

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Productive weekends are "good things"...

And boy was I in need of a productive weekend! A few weeks ago I was on one of my favorite Japanese fabric websites and came across all of these fabrics...so I ordered a lot and they just came on Friday. I love the snow bunnies and the penguins! I made a whole bunch of hair clips, headband wraps, jumbo hip clips and a few other goodies that I haven't photographed yet:)

Happy Holidays...geez, there is something wrong with saying this so early...

25 October 2008

Weekend Sports...the good, the bad and the ugly...

The "good"...
Thank goodness for Ohio State. Tonight, in the featured ABC college game of the week, Ohio State takes on Penn State. The horseshoe will be rockin' tonight!

The "bad"....
Ohio State is actually not favored tonight? What?!? Guys, they are playing at the horseshoe! No white out tonight!!!

The ugly...
All we want in Cincinnati, if you are a sports fan at least, is to have the ability to cheer for a sports team. Well, it's not in the cards once again. Just like so many other seasons over the past decade and a half, the Cincinnati Bengals have not won a game. It is so depressing. It is actually heartbreaking.
To make matters worse, we find out that Carson Palmer is, indeed, more seriously injured than we had once thought. He MAY need the Tommy John surgery, after all. Now, we overlook his rantings about how USC is superior to Ohio State because we like him. We really like him. Although, the way the offense has been playing, this is just the nail in the coffin....many other issues have gotten us to this winningless place.
Just my two cents here, Carson, please just go ahead with the surgery....the season is over. THere is always next year, k?

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24 October 2008

From the mouth of babes.....

Let's just say I have an interesting son. He just turned 9. He watched both of the conventions with me. He actually stayed up when the debates were on and watched the beginnings of each of them. I can't explain it but he has had this interest in Obama and McCain. He has insisted that we got together to vote. He loves to come in the booth and help "punch" the cards!

Fast forward to this afternoon...

On the car ride home today Taylor told me that they had a "funny" journal today. Everyday the children in his class have to write in their journal for a few minutes. The teacher usually gives them a topic to write about. I asked him why it was so funny and he said, "Well, we had to write one thing about McCain and one thing about Obama"....Now, what I need to tell you here is that my son's teacher is apparently a HUGE Palin fan, so I immediately cringed...

So, I asked..."What did you write about?"

"I wrote that John McCain is going to raise our taxes and I wrote that Obama is going to put money in our pockets."

Well, there goes the rest of the school year:)

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21 October 2008

20 October 2008

Fabrics N Quilts: A treasury for my blog followers~Check YOU out!

Fabrics N Quilts: A treasury for my blog followers~Check YOU out!

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I stalked and then I was featured in a treasury today on etsy!

See, it does pay to stalk people...lol!

A big shoutout to fabricsnquilts on etsy for including me in her clever treasury today!

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I have been working on my .com all weekend...

I am hoping to have it done by next weekend! Well, we'll see! Anyhow, today I worked on making some thumbnails for all of my subcategory main pages and I turned all of those individual pics into a collage using picnik! Yippee...

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