05 October 2008

Old macdougall had a ....Tartan!

In honor of some great tartans and plaids I found on etsy the other day, I thought I would show off my roots from Scotland!

Yes, I am from the Macdougall clan...

The MacDougall coat of arms!

The Macdougall crest, the early viking raven and badge!

Thank you to the North American MacDougall society for having these symbols and tartans available!

The tartans of MacDougall....

I know what you are thinking...Heather, that's all well and good that you know what your clan is. But, what about me! How do I find out what my clan is?....
Well, it's easy. Just follow the directions to this online clan finder, and you will be on your way to researching your own ancestry!

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1 comment:

Kimberly Monaco said...

hmmm... MacDougall.... wasn't that the guy on Sex and the City???
(the one who married Charlotte?)

ok.. I watch way too much television...

wonderful blog by-the-way!!