15 October 2008

I only recently discovered PICNIK....

But, wow, is it nice!

I love the fact that it connects to all of the major photo sharing sites online so editing pics is as easy and pointing and clicking, quite literally!

This is what I just recently did...I created these straightline collages that I will eventually be using on my .com site! How fun are these. You can make all kinds of different shapes...the creating opportunities are quite literally endless!

The best part...It's free with an option to upgrade and pay/year!

Visit PICNIK today!

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Pieceful Bits said...

I havent explored picnik thoroughly yet, but I definitley use it for flickr to edit my pics and add a "watermark" yay for you (~~)Julie

Pieceful Bits said...

Flickr is great. So far I have only used it for my flickr pics to edit and 'watermark' them.
Yay for you (~~)Julie