09 October 2008

another SNEAK ATTACK on etsy....

Today's Sneak Attack- 7:00pm EST:

Shop: To be announced at above time.
Product type: jewelry
Price Range: $3:00 - $25.00
Sponsor: kitsandcaboodles
Discussion about tonight's "attack"

p.s. Here are the upcoming scheduled attacks!

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...it's a secret!

--Friday, October 10th; 12:00pm EST (time changed). Sponsored by DreamersWeb
--Monday, October 13th; 2:00pm EST. Sponsored by AnnieKints
--Tuesday, October 14th; Time TBA
--Wednesday, October 15th; 7:00pm EST. Sponsored by AllAboutCats
--Thursday, October 16th; Time TBA
--Friday, October 17th; Time TBA
--Monday, October 20th; Time TBA. Sponsored by DoadandStelley
--Tuesday, October 21st; 8:00 EST. Sponsored by topaz08
--Wednesday, October 22st; 4:00 EST. Sponsored by VermontMaple
More to come!

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1 comment:

Meekiyu said...

congrats to kitsandcaboodles... though what is a sneak attack?