03 October 2008

October Blog Carnival: Blog about what you do to relax....

Well, I'd love it if my answer was "I go to the spa once a week" but, it is not! Instead, I knit.
And knit. And knit.

Did you know that knitting is one of the most relaxing things you can do? I sure didn't! I assumed it would be things like "yoga", "drinking green tea" and/or taking a bath in lavender!

I knew from actually knitting most of my life that it certainly helped me relax and calm down but what I didn't know was the scientific benefits of knitting...as a matter of fact, knitting is sometimes coined the "new yoga"! Just google relaxation through knitting and millions of links pop up and not just anecdotal evidence. There are now countless scientific studies that equate knitting with relaxation.

In therapeutic knitting, there are many benefits of knitting that are cited including rhythm management for people with adhd and other neurological disorders, pain management for chronic pain sufferers, addiction replacement and holistic therapy.

And then I came across this picture. Lori Jewell is a soldier in Baghdad, Iraq. Under that enormous pressure and the unknown that everyday must bring, can you imagine the relaxation effects of knitting in that setting?

Now, it's time I get to knitting...


SugarLoveHoney said...

Love the pic of the soldier knitting! I can only imagine how relaxing that must truly be for him =) I wished I knew how to knit and crochet...one of thee days!

Jen said...

That is absolutely fascinating! What great pictures, too! Thanks so much for sharing.

storybeader said...

great pics. I bead, and sometimes, there is counting with that too. Never thought about it being therapeutic!