04 October 2008

Trends in fashion...tartan plaid is back...

Fashion Trend Alert: Plaid is back
I remember my very first plaid "kilt" with the kilt pin. Yes, there was a time when kilts were in style...certainly someone remembers that, right? Anyhow, I have always loved plaid...always. And I love to mix plaids as well! So, I'm giving props to those fellow etsy sellers who also love plaid. I heart you all:)

Featured etsians in the mini...

sketchbook,Thriftorious, HighlandBooks, relishdress, GalsWithGirls,

13threads, anickascottage, LovelyLittleLovelies,

kitschykutiekat, thepoppytree, thegildedlily,


Read, Plaid is the new Vneck tee...

Now, I'm off to make some plaid:)

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