10 October 2008

Your complete ONLINE dna profile: Network with other ONLINE SELLERS through....

Sharing your online DNA!

Your complete ONLINE dna profile!
So, you are well connected, eh?
Share where you have left your digital footprints on the web…

Here are some of the choices you have (thanks to Schoollocker for her location, location, location thread here in the forums http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=5703544

****HINT: You may find it helpful to just copy the list and manipulate it in a word processing program or notepad. Just copy/paste the ones you want into your profile and then paste it into this thread so you can connect with other etsy sellers!

etsy thread

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wildchildnatural said...

that's a cool thing to blog about.
i found your blog from that thread :)

heather knitz said...

lol! funny how the www goes round and round!

Morrigan said...

Thank you for the link!