30 October 2008

I've really gone M A D ....for PLAID!

These are brand new 2" oversized magnets! I just love these and will be adding them soon to my shops!

I just love these button bracelets and so I took the catholic school girl in me (no, I did not attend catholic school) and applied it to these fun accessories!

I love these fancy hair clips! They are high polish silver and of course, P L A I D !

Some more pics of my 2" plaid magnets....

These are some of my mixed plaid button bracelets~

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Love One World Zero said...

How cute, the bracelet rocks! I almost painted a plaid wall once, I think the process would have driven me over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have definitely gone mad for plaid but it looks great!

Kayce said...

I love the plaid! Makes me want to make my daughter a plaid skirt.