02 October 2008

I forgot about the men, I'll admit it!

In this crazy world of marketing and creating, I'll be the first here to say, "Yep, I forgot about the men!" Afterall, they have children, sisters, mothers and you know how the saying goes,
"Behind every man is a great woman!" or something like that. They have money. They like to shop...sometimes. And they are very, very easily persuaded...sometimes. As for me, I know I am certainly the great woman behind wire man Andrew!

Anyhow, my husband took my good camera to work today to take some pictures of electical parts, etc...And he called me hours later to tell me that he had all of the men at work asking me about my products?!? I was so confused and then he reminded me that 150 of my latest pictures were still on the camera--I hadn't downloaded them! So, when he went to put the pics on the work computer, up popped my photos as well, everyone walking by saw them and yada, yada, yada...I had some new customers and orders!

Now, I'm all for "girl power" and all, but last November I did send in freebies for all of the women that work there and the result was no sales:( Sorry ladies, just sayin'...

So, the moral of the story: Don't forget about the men! Market to the men! Sell to the men!
Now, needless to say, I'll be sending my husband in with some "product" tomorrow!

So, a big "shout out" to all of my future male customers at Richard's Electric Supply Co., Andrew will have some more things for you to view soon:) You NEED these...you NEED these cute little accessories for your wives, daughters, nieces and aunts!


irenedesign said...

haha! so true! It's amazing how we forget that though they don't wear pink bows (usually), their daughters usually do!

Devin said...

That is so funny and so true.Great blog and etsy shop thanks for sharing it with me:0)

TheresaJ said...

That's great! Congrats on your new customer base!