04 November 2008

Move over bacon, I found something meatier: Ping.fm!

These days it seems as if these social networking and self promotion sites have been springing up faster and faster...every day there are new ones to join! Which means more time spending online posting messages to 3, 4....up to 10 different sites. It is endless. And then I came across Ping.fm tonight!

Ping.fm is a newer program (I believe) that I would call your "social networking executive assistant"! It is quite literally like "one stop messaging"! You spend 10 minutes plugging in all of your info for all of of your sites and then it manages them all for you...it literally does all of the leg work:) You want to make a post about something...open your ping.fm account and it posts to all of your sites!

I have my ping account now connected to...


Just think of all the time you will save! Now, get pinging...will you?

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1 comment:

Mannie Vincent said...

Oh, this will make things sooo much easier! Thanks for sharing!