11 November 2008

Are you interested in joining a HOLIDAY promotional SALE from Nov 27-Dec 1?

Etsy sellers are now organizing fora coordinated sale during Thanksgiving through December 1st (cyber monday)...so if you are interested, join the discussion in this thread on etsy!

To sign up for this sale, visit this thread on etsy!

Please join the discussion if you would like OR post your ideas and comments on this thread here on my blog! I'll be checking both regularly!

My opening on the thread in etsy.....I just thought I would check in with anyone who may be interested in doing some type of coordinated effort to kick off the shopping season? Usually I see threads about this but I hadn't seen one yet...so, here goes one!

I'm more than happy to organize it but if you want to participate I would expect some help in promoting it!!!

I just picked those 5 days (Thanksgiving through that busy online Monday)....black friday through cyber monday because I wasn't really interested in doing anything ongoing....just something short and sweet!

I would assume that anyone participating could help promote by doing some of the following...
-twittering and all other online social networking apps
-doing blog write ups
-putting messages in their store announcements
-and we could have one *official* thread running in promos here on etsy

I see it working like this:
It is a general "sale" being promoted but each store has their own policy--their own sale specifics CLEARLY POSTED front and center on the announcements section!

So, if you are interested, just post here and we'll go from there!

As for a clever name? anyone?


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tinybird said...

I'm in! I added my info to the etsy thread. What I great idea!

beadinbabe said...

alright, I'm so for this!! :-) Let's go get some sales!! lol

Hello there! My name is June said...

Sounds like a great idea! I'm game!


willow said...

I'm in! I'll blog and tweet!



Gifted Designs said...

I posted the info you requested in the two threads concerning this...:)

This is exciting!

Gifted Designs said...

I forgot to ask when we can begin promoting...:)

earthcharms said...

This is a good idea and I hope we get the word out! Shoppers shouldn't miss this!