03 November 2008

Etsy November Blogger of the Month: Storybeader !

A big shout out to storybeader (woo hoo) -this month's featured blogger!

I'm a frustrated writer who likes to put words and colors together to make wearable art. How do you wear words, you ask? I suppose my haiki poems can float around in your brain as you sashay down the lane, wearing one of my necklaces.
Each of my necklaces comes with a haiku, written specifically for the piece, by yours truly!
I love looking in dictionaries and thesauruses, playing with my dog, watching turtles, digging in the garden, and having salt spray in my face (that last one's a memory.)
Hope you have fun visiting my shop. I like to write more than talk, so drop me a line, and say hello.
Proud member of the EtsyBloggers. Visit my blog at http://storybeader.blogspot.com/

{:-Deb, the storybeader

Stop by her shop this month and give Deb a little love!

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kim* said...

im lovin the turquoise

missknits said...

beautiful shop!

storybeader said...

heather, thanks for the love and the moral support! And congrats on the Lollishops - your shop is perfect for it!