05 November 2008

Etsy Featured Seller...ShopDavinia.etsy.com!

Meet Marlene, shop owner of shopdavinia.etsy.com!

What makes you tick?
I have been looking for more health friendly products. When I create my soaps, I look for ingredients that are natural and good for the skin. I do not add SLS, SLES, propolyne glycol, or any other detergents to my soaps. Many soaps on the shelves of grocery stores today are filled with chemicals and detergents which dry and irritate skin. Many of the skin problems people have can be resolved just by using a natural product. So, I created a line of soaps to do just that, meet the needs of people who want to use a more natural product and lessen skin irritations.

What makes you create?
I come up with ideas for my soaps and lip balms fairly randomly. I do like to create more foodsy scents but I am also trying to create products that are floral and citrusy as well. When I think of designs I use things I see around me to inspire how the soap will look when it is finished. I love to create intricate soaps, that you will not see anywhere else. I like them to look decorative, but still be a perfectly usable bar of soap.

If we looked in your refrigerator right now, what would we see?
Lots of cans of pop, left over turkey meatloaf, fruit juice for my daughter, cheese, condiments, flavored coffee creamer (can’t live without it!), bottles of water, eggs, and beer for my husband.

What is the last book you read?
Hmm, I have to admit I am not much of a reader. Just don’t have the patients. But, I would have to say I have been looking through a book called “How To Teach Your Baby to Read” by Glenn and Janet Doman. It is an interesting book about teaching you baby to read well before the preschool age.

What is your favorite quote?
Everyone was born with two ends. One is used for sitting. The other for thinking. Success in life depends upon which one you use the most. Heads you win. Tails you lose.
Author unknown

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Mannie Vincent said...

YAY! Marlene is a fellow member in the EtsyFriends team! She's great and her soaps are adorable!! Great feature!

Angel said...

I love the peppermint snowflake luxery soaps