17 November 2008

Etsy Featured Seller...Luludesign.etsy.com!

Meet Kathy Crabbe of Lulu Design ~ Art for the Elf in You!

A little about Kathy...
I am currently forty-three years old and have been guided by the psychic realms since childhood. I have kept a Dream Journal since I was thirteen and my dreams and intuition have always been a great source of insight for me. I have been drawing, studying and analyzing people from a very young age and I can provide anyone with a myriad of personality tests such as: (my favorite) Astrology, the Enneagram, the Kiersey Temperament Sorter and the Clifton StrengthsFinder.
I have been very privileged to live in Southern California for the last fifteen years and especially to live in Laguna Beach. I have connected with old, old oaks, elfin forests, flower fairies and a red headed mermaid. I have also received many healings and teachings from these wonderful teachers:
Astrology - Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson
Celtic Shamanism - Misha Maheo
Channelling/Toning - Krista Kirkwood
Herbalism - Susun Weed (Green Witch Program)
Life Coaching - Jennifer Lee (Artizen Coaching)
Meditation - Taught by one of Sri Chinmoy's trained teachers named OM
Mediumship & Psychometry: Adam Higgs (Six month weekly training)
Psychic Readings and Tarot - Lauren Michaels
Reiki Level One – Jenny “Star” Wright
Stone/Chakra/Sound Healing - Terri Darby,
Katrina Raphael's Crystal Academy, Level One Certification - Taught by Coral Karnaze
Therapeutic Touch - Joyce Fournier RN
Yoga - Amanollah Ghahraman, Atma Kalsa (plus ten years private yoga practise)
Most importantly I do not label myself or my work with any particular title or religious affiliation because I do not seek to limit myself. I merely keep my senses open and practice what I preach with an open heart and a request for divine guidance for the good of all concerned. Blessed Be!
Instead of doing a traditional interview with the artist, Kathy prepared a reading for me herself! Let me be clear...I don't know anything about soul readings or astrology. Not because I'm not interested and not because I don't "believe"...simply because I have never taken the time to find out about it....
I was quite touched that Kathy spent the time doing this for me. You can tell that she is thoughtful yet intentional in her art and readings. While I won't reveal anything from the reading specifically, I can tell you that I took to heart the message...It certainly resonates specifically to some things our family has been faced with of late and I believe there is something to take away from it!
Thanks so much to Kathy for the reading. I sincerely appreciate it...You have given me a lot to think about!

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Kathy Crabbe said...

Heather, thank you so much for including me on your lovely and upliftingly cheerful blog - I am honoured!

Kathy, fellow blogger and etsian:

thannhausen said...

Hallo Heather,

nice article from the land in there Barack Obama live.

Perhaps more inspiration.



All the best.

Richard / Germany