01 November 2008

You betcha....It's time for Skyline Chili Dip for Football :)

Nothing makes football Sunday complete than our very own Skyline Chili Dip!

Here is how you make it:)
Cincinnati Chili: Skyline Chili Dip!

Step One: Get a cake pan and layer the bottom with cream cheese! Depending on how much you want, you will probably use 2-3 containers!
Step Two: On top of the layer of cream cheese is the layer of Skyline meat. You can buy the frozen meat or it is also available in a can!

Step Three: Add the shredded cheddar cheese! Depending on how much cheese you like, you will use one or two bags (or more:)))!

Step Four: Set your oven on 250 degrees and let the dip heat for about 15 minutes...
Step Five: While the dip is warming in the oven, get your bite size tortilla chips ready!

Step Six: Get your favorite drink and prepare for the feast!

*Now, for those of you who don't have the access to Cincinnati Chili, don't worry, you can find it here OR purchase it online:)


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Kim said...

oh my...so hungry for this now