19 August 2008

The Trouble with Tribbles....Social Networking!

Lately, I have been joining more and more of the social networking sites...setting up shop, making "friends", joining "communities", exchanging links and on and on and on...
I hear "you've got mail" 600 times a day...each time I get a new friend, I get a new message, I get a new exhange--I get an email...
It is so overwhelming!
Here is a list of "communities" and "social networking sites" that you can join and you can see...one can quickly feel like the "tribbles" are taking over...lol!

AIM AIM Amazon Wishlist Amazon WishlistBUMPzee BUMPzeedel.icio.us del.icio.us
Digg DiggFacebook FacebookFlickr FlickrFurl FurliLike iLikeJaiku Jaiku
Last.fm Last.fmLinkedIn LinkedInMa.gnolia Ma.gnoliaMultiply Multiply
MyBlogLog MyBlogLogMySpace MySpacePandora PandoraPownce PownceReddit Reddit
SmugMug SmugMugSphinn SphinnStumbleUpon StumbleUponTechnorati Technorati
Twitter TwitterUpcoming UpcomingVimeo VimeoYelp Yelp
YouTube YouTubeZooomr Zooomr

Now, I am quite sure that there are a few people out there who have joined each and every one of these AND MORE! My hats off to you! But, for me, I'll stick with the 6 or 7 I have become part of....But, if you do need some help, be sure to check out minggl! Minggl "manages" all of your social network sites for you!
From their site...

Minggl enables you to...

  • Consolidate friends from across social networking sites
  • Auto-log into and easily navigate across your social networks
  • Update status on multiple social networks from one place
  • Send the same message across sites such as Facebook and MySpace
  • Get updates and friend activity from your networks no matter where you are on the web
Happy Managing!
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And don't forget about all of these...lol!

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