16 August 2008

Vacation Follies: The Sacrifices of Motherhood and Wifehood, part 1

Ok, so about a week or so before we left on vacation I received an email alert that a Nascar driver, Kasey Kahne, was going to be having an autograph session at the Nascar Speedpark in Myrtle Beach while we were on vacation. We stay on the Brunswick Islands--Holden Beach, NC which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Myrtle Beach. So, usually one day out of our vacation we venture down there for a day trip to visit Barefood Landing, Broadway at the Beach and the Nascar Speedpark. Fine.

Fast forward to the day before the autograph session, Wednesday, August 30th. My husband finally looks up the details about the autograph session only to find out that you have to have a "wristband" in order to get an autograph. There are a few ways to get a wristband--win a contest through the local radio station, get in line when they open ont he 30th or spend $50.00 per wristband in the gift shop. He chooses option #2--get there when they open. Do we get there "early"? No. Do we plan ahead? No. When we pull in the entrance, the line was already half way up toward the Nascar Cafe. They jump in line and I go to park and sit and watch them. Sure enough within minutes it is 10:00 and the line starts moving inside. Just minutes later, I see a whole bunch of people leaving all of whom have wristbands and then I see even more--far more, leaving without wristbands! What a shock, eh? So, I start walking up toward the entrance and by then they look like they have been trampled over by a herd of elephants and low and behold--NO WRISTBAND! So, of course, they get in a line of about 150 people crammed into a 15x15 foot space to go spend a ton of money to "buy" a wristband! About an hour later, my husband has bought his stuff and they have a wristband.

Now, of course, what I am noticing (as an enthusiastic spectator) is that by the time my husband gets up to pay, there are TWO people in line behind him--in other words, if he would have just waited an hour or so until 11:00, he could have just marched up to the counter with what he wanted to buy, received his wristband and then moved on with the day! No lost time, no frustration...hmmmmm

So, the day of "Nascar fun" finally began around 11:oo and here are the pics to prove it! Before lunch Andy and Taylor rode the go karts that Taylor can ride all by himself!

Here they are anxiously awaiting their turn!
Taylor gets all buckled up with some help!

And...they're off!

I'm noticing how Taylor and Andy drive looking backwards...hmmm
Rut, ro......Looks like somone couldn't "handle" the little kiddie go karts!
Andy couldn't get out of that little situation without some help from the Nascar crew on site! How embarassing for him! He must have been over there for about 5 minutes!

Meanwhile, Taylor was tearing up the track...

As if that wasn't enough fun...we headed up to the Nascar Cafe to eat...what else do you do while you wait for food but play video games?

During the afternoon, Taylor rode a variety of other rides and even played miniature golf there!

Yes, I do believe Taylor won:)

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon! You won't believe what happened next!


kim* said...

looks like a grand ol' time

Kristie said...

I can relate. That sounds like a lot of our "nice" family outings. LOL You start with the best of intentions...

I should blog about the time we drove over 100 miles PAST our exit on the way to a little family fun of Gem mining in NC. HA!

rockcreekcreations said...

It looks like you had a good time on your vacation. Of course, had it been me waiting in line for the wristband, I would have gotten there early, and had been the first person not NOT get a wristband.