25 August 2008

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet?

Today as I was "pouncing" on Etsy, I came across these adorable stamps made by Corrabelle. They are handmade, carved by hand so each one is completely unique. As I was scrolling the pages, I just kept thinking, How cute would these be for teacher gifts...have Corrabelle put initials of the teacher's on the stamps, get some cute stamp pads in fun colors and you have such a special and unique Christmas gift for your child to give to their teacher!

These are bookplates you have have personalized...a perfect gift for the librarian, secretary or your child's teacher!

I just love this strawberry stamp!

This is adorable....put it with a cute stamp pad and some plain stationary...what a great gift!

A little more about Corrabelle...
Member since 2006
Etsy store name: The Mayberry Sparrow

Check it out!


ThreadBeaur said...

Great finds, nice feature! Thanks for sharing.

Beat Black said...

that strawberry is adorable!! I think I need to start using that pounce feature...