21 August 2008

tech bytes: photosynth

I heard about Microsoft's photosynth today while watching tech bytes on ABC news!
It is undoubtedly the wave of the future in terms of photo sharing...essentially, you are creating a "synth" that is 3-D and part panoramic photo/part movie!

Here is the example page to explore....

Here is an example of a completed synth...check it out!

from the tech bytes article...
Microsoft has launched a program that turns your digital photos into amazing panoramas. Photosynth works by stitching together a collection of related images. The pictures don't have to be sequential, just somewhat connected. The program will then find the common bond and bring them together. The results are part photo gallery, part movie. Viewers can zoom in and out and scroll left and right through the scene. These so-called "synths" can be embedded into other sites, including blogs and eBay auction listings. You can download the software at Photosynth.com.

Read more on photosynth applications!

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