17 August 2008

Change of Heart ~ a must read!

As is typically the case with vacations, I read a lot. This year I began with my typical southern favorite authors. I quickly caught up on all of those and then my mom asked me if I had ever read anything by Jodi Picoult...She dropped Change of Heart in my lap.

While it may be her 15th book, it was the first one I have ever read by her and I was BLOWN AWAY! The book was simply amazing--you definately will not put it down:) Just when you think you know where it is going-BAM, you are headed in a completely different direction! I LOVE the writing style she uses--each chapter is a different character's voice!
Here is a synopsis from Jodi Picoult's site....


Shay Bourne - New Hampshire’s first death row prisoner in 69 years – has only one last request: to donate his heart post-execution to the sister of his victim, who is looking for a transplant. Bourne says it’s the only way he can redeem himself…but with lethal injection as his form of execution, this is medically impossible. Enter Father Michael Wright, a young local priest. Called in as Shay’s spiritual advisor, he knows redemption has nothing to do with organ donation – and plans to convince Bourne. But then Bourne begins to perform miracles at the prison that are witnessed by officers, fellow inmates, and even Father Michael – and the media begins to call him a messiah. Could an unkempt, bipolar, convicted murderer be a savior? It seems highly unlikely, to the priest. Until he realizes that the things Shay says may not come from the Bible…but are, verbatim, from a gospel that the early Christian church rejected two thousand years ago…and that is still considered heresy.

Change Of Heart looks at the nature of organized religion and belief, and takes the reader behind the closely drawn curtains of America’s death penalty. Featuring the return of Ian Fletcher from Keeping Faith, it also asks whether religion and politics truly are separate in this country, or inextricably tangled. Does religion make us more tolerant, or less? Do we believe what we do because it’s right? Or because it’s too frightening to admit that we may not have the answers?

Now that I am addicted to her books...I'm going to have a really difficult time deciding which one to read next!


Estela said...

that book sounds super interesting!
I'll have to check it out sometime!

RainbowMom said...

Ooh! I love those ones where different chapters give us a different character and how they are all intermingled. Mm.. going to look for this book! thanks. :) peace!

MySweetThree said...

That book sounds like something I would enjoy...I would love to find some time to read it! Oh and we went to Holden Beach in July, had lots of fun..looks like your kids did too!!

heather knitz said...

Rainbow...you WONT put it down:)

Mysweet..it's a small world!!!!