13 July 2008

And the winning project is......clean out the grosgrain ribbon drawers!

It seems like just about every Sunday nowadays gets devoted to cleaning out/up something around the house or office! Today....it is the grosgrain ribbon drawers!
My daughter, Katie has been counting down the days to vacation and has been in a state of eternal boredom, so she has been very eager over the past two weeks to help me out with packing orders and cutting grosgrain ribbon. Katie had the wonderful idea of cleaning out my ribbon drawers today! So, I took her up on it.

First, she emptied out the drawers. She pilled up all of the ribbon and cleared out the ribbon that only had a few yards on each roll. Then, she measured it all out and put it in the cello bags to get it ready to sell. And, last but certainly not least, she reorganized all of the ribbon into two drawers--1 drawer for 1.5" ribbon, 1 drawer for 7/8" ribbon and one drawer for all of my ribbon roll end odd ball pieces!

She was a great help to me today!
Thank you, ♥Katie♥!

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