12 July 2008

My summer reading list....

I am getting ready to start THINKING about going on vacation in just a short couple of weeks! And, of course, I have to get my reading material in order! I love to read while I am on vacation and usually read about 1 book a day--which means I am reading about 15 books while I am gone! Some of my absolute favorite books are of the "southern flair"....there is something about a southern woman amidst a drama that gets me each and every time:)

I'm not sure if you have ever read anything by Mary Kay Andrews, but if you like to laugh when you read, her books are certainly well worth the read! They are an absolute must for vacation reading! I will be reading her latest book, Deep Dish, while I am on vacation in a few weeks!
Books by Mary Kay Andrews:

Another author ideal for your summer reading is Dorthea Benton Frank. I have 3 of her books to catch up on this vacation and cannot wait to start. The first book I read by her was Plantation and it absolutely got me hooked!

Books by Dorthea Benton Frank:

Happy summer reading!

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Sew Gracious said...

I'm LOVE Dot Frank books! I'm on my 4th one right now and plan to read the rest!