14 July 2008

OH, what an etsy find...

Background: How I stumbled upon vmdesigns
Just before Christmas this past year I was frantically looking on Etsy for a few more "stocking stuffers" for my daughter to include in her stocking. I remember searching jewelry and children's jewelry and just could not get anything to come up in the search that would be perfect for my "tween". I spent a day or two looking through an enormous amount of stuff. And then, I remember something catching my eye coming through on the recently listed items on the home page of etsy, and sure enough, it was a pendant that would end up being perfect for my daughter! I think what attracted me and what caught my eye in that tiny little picture was the big, bold, C O L O R ! See, here it is! K is for KATIE!

And then a few months later, my daughter and I were trying to figure out a gift that she could give to all of the girls in her class (there are only 7 total) and so Vicki so very graciously created 7 coordinating necklaces for my duaghter and her friends! They were so cute! Each time one of them comes over during the summer, they have their neclace on:)

You are familiar with the phrase, "great minds think alike", correct? Well, Vicki just happens to subscribe to my own philosophy of the bigger (well, not this one:), the brighter, the sassier, the better:)

Now here's Vicki...an informal interview
Q: Please tell us a little about yourself...
"My name is vicki musser. My background and education is in interior design. I gave up my design career years ago to be a stay-at-home-mom to my 2 children.....while my wonderful husband (who is also my high school sweetheart) became the breadwinner. But design is in my blood so I needed to find an outlet for it, so I started designing children's jewelry. I found as my daughter became a "tween" that there was not a large market for it, so I created one......and Ive never looked back! I've taken my love of paper, whimsy, color, lines, and design and translated it into a different medium.....decoupage jewelry. I love what I do!"

Q: What's your favorite item in your store and why?
"hmmm......my favorite item would have to be my Charmed Life Collection - Personalized Seeing Spots - Triple Ribbon Initial Necklace -I love it because it's so colorful and fun and it's a new take on the scrabble tile pendant design"

Q: What item has surprised you the most, and why?
"The item that most surprised me is my Tween Scene Collection - Personalized Color Burst - Triple Ribbon Initial Necklace -it was originally done as a custom order for someone and I liked it so much I listed it in my shop and it's been my most popular piece! "

Q: What are you're goals regarding Etsy?
"My goals are to keep my shop going and growing. I"ve been blessed to have many wonderful retail and wholesale customers that have found me through etsy and i'm looking forward to continued growth......and bringing new and fresh design ideas for the ever growing "tween" market."

Here are some of MY favorite things from vmdesigns:

Those bracelets are brand new...I hadn't even seen them yet! They are A D O R A B L E !

p.s. I love the new banner, Vicki!

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Anonymous said...

I love the colors! I might just have to get one for my daughter who is a necklace lover!