17 July 2008

I've been waiting on these little gems to arrive!

One of my favorite sellers on etsy is weakness. For months now, she has been supplying me with some great promotional stickers to use on my packaging! Here are some of those pics....

A few weeks ago I conoved her again with a new challenge! I wanted to to take my generic stickers and create some more specific stickers that I can use on my supplies....I had her create some new designs for my ball chain, grosgrain ribbon, rag bag kits, fabric scraps, etc...etc.... Well, they came yesterday and they are so cute! Thank you weakness:)

Now, enough about me! Here is an informal interview with weakness (aka...AMY!!)

Q:Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a stay-at-home mom to two kids (7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son) and a principal's wife in Indiana. My etsy shop is pretty much my life right now (I keep thinking I'm going to get caught up one day . . .), and spend my free time driving my kids to golf, dance, basketball, and cheerleading practices. I love Etsy and find myself spending hours just browsing through shops and bookmarking so many unique items and gorgeous artwork . . . total eye candy! I also love photography, digital scrapbooking, and traveling with my family.

Q:What's your favorite item in your store and why?

I think my favorite items in my shop right now are the new baby-themed designs (the baby peeking out from behind the teddy bear, the stroller with the teddy bear, and the box of baby toys) . . . I love the soft colors and cute designs.

Q:What item has surprised you the most, and why?

I think my scalloped tags have surprised me the most because my customers keep coming up with different ways of using them that I hadn't even thought of! I had originally made them for people to use as price tags for craft shows, but have had customers ask me to make them into business cards, thank you cards, gift tags, journaling tags for scrapbooking, and even earring cards!

Q:What are you're goals regarding Etsy?

I had originally started my shop on Etsy as a way to make a little extra spending money in my free time so I could buy some of the wonderful handmade goodies I saw in other Etsy shops - but now it has turned into a full-time job and business . . . I'm even in the process of opening a second shop!

Thanks so much, Amy!


Kristen said...

Thanks so much for this post, I've been looking around for custom stickers... I'll have to check out her shop :)

Made by Melissa said...

Those are some really nice stickers!

Shannon said...

Love the stickers and enjoyed the interview. I love learning about different etsy sellers.