11 February 2009

So.....I'm sick and I'm having a blog challenge!

I have a bad cold. A head cold.
Here is what I have been drinking. Non stop for 24 hours now.
It is not working. Don't get me wrong.
I love hot tea. But I need some dew.

Here is the problem.
I don't have a taste for mountain dew.
But, I need mountain dew.
This is where the blog challenge comes in.
I need someone to tell me how to convert mountain dew into hot tea, so I can have some productivity today. Please post your solutions here and let me know how to convert mountain dew into a hot tea. My head thanks you in advance.
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twbigdogsgirl said...

Wow. I never thought about having Mt. Dew as a hot drink. I'd be curious how to do this as well.

Alicia said...

I have no idea. But I'll sure think of you while I'm drinking my Dew.

pinkpatrice said...

I just say "Drink the Dew"! :)

MySweetThree said...

I have absolutely. no. idea. But, I hope you feel better!