19 February 2009

OI, Handle with Care and Jodi Picoult

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Handle with Care
Raises Awareness about OI

Osteogenesis imperfecta is an important element in the new novel, Handle with Care, by author Jodi Picoult that will be published March 3, 2009. A main character has OI Type III.

The OI Foundation is pleased that this novel has the potential to make more people aware of OI. The story brings to light the hopes, regrets, uncertainties, stresses and joys that are part of life with OI. The book has a mature theme, a wrongful birth lawsuit, and is noted in publicity as having “explicit subject matter”.

In a radio interview the author stated that this book was not specifically about OI, but about the stresses of raising a child with a disability, the ethical questions involved in wrongful birth lawsuits and the status of people with disabilities in society. She was drawn to OI because the children are intelligent, aware of adults and good problem solvers. She wanted the child in the story to be aware of and to understand what her parents were doing by filing the lawsuit.

An OI Foundation website page has been set up to provide information about OI and some of the topics presented in this book. Informational bookmarks will be distributed at some of the stores holding book signings. For more information about the book see the Jodi Picoult website.

Once you've read the book, feel free to contribute comments to the online discussion about Handle with Care on the OI Foundation's social networking site, NING. The new discussion will be posted after the book is released on March 3.

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