17 April 2009

The EART team YEART SALE begins today!

You are invited to our YEART SALE! Our little version of an online yard sale!
Below are the Etsy EART Team members that are participating in the sale!
Each seller/store has a store category devoted to *YEART SALE* items!

Happy shopping and don't hesitate to convo any of the sellers...we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Member name: AdornMeJewelry
Shop Info: adornmejewelry.etsy.com

Member name: divadea
Shop Info: divadea.etsy.com

Member name: imakeart
Shop Info: naturescharms.etsy.com

Member name: Jaybird Designs
Shop Info:

Member name: luckytwentyone
Shop Info: luckytwentyone.etsy.com

Member name: MichellesCharmWorld
Shop Info: MichellesCharmWorld.etsy.com

Member name: Monarchdancer
Shop Info: monarchdancer.etsy.com

Member name: PnkGeeni
Shop Info: pnkgeeni.etsy.com

Member name: TashaRylesDesigns
Shop Info: tashadesigns.etsy.com

Member name: Thinkoutsidethebox
Shop Info: Thinkoutsidethebox.etsy.com

Member name: The_Wild_Gypsy
Shop Info: wildgypsyart.etsy.com

Member name: heatherknitz
Shop Info: heatherknitz.etsy.com

Member name: ahlai
Shop Info:

Member name: thecreaterspalette/TCPjewelry
Shop Info:

Member name: punkynmunky
Shop Info:

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