19 April 2009

BRAND NEW: Button of the Month Club is here!

I've had a lot of requests for this and today it became a reality!
I finally created my Button of the Month Club!

The club is available in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions!

Here is the 3 month subscription description:
Button of the month club...oh my!
Addicted to buttons? Join the club:)

♥Duration: 3 month subscription
Sign up for a 3 month subscription to the CLUB & get 6 sets of buttons over the next 3 months.

♥When will I receive the buttons?
The buttons will ship out the week of the 15th each month via USPS.

♥What buttons will I receive?
In my shop each month the special buttons of the month will be unveiled in the BUTTON of the MONTH store category. The second week of each month, I'll send you an email to visit the category and to choose your two button sets for the month!
If you don't care what buttons you receive and want me to choose each month, we can set up the subscription to be "seller's choice"!

You dictate the terms!

♥Club Advantages?
Being a club member means you get a discount and free shipping for each delivery!

♥Each month there will be a variety of different patterns AND sizes to choose from. Metric conversion:
-1/2" button: 12.7 millimeter
-5/8" button: 15.875 millimeter
-3/4" button: 19.05 millimeter
-7/8" button: 22.225 millimeter
-1 1/8" button: 28.575 millimeter
-1 1/2" button: 38.1 millimeter

♥How do people use these buttons?
*purses*hair accessories*jewelry*knit sweaters*gloves*accessories*clothing*sewing*quilting*

♥When in doubt, convo!


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Pink said...

Wow, that is a great idea to sell your super cute buttons! I'm sure you'll get some takers.

Sorry, I'm on buying hiatus until I move through at least one of the jars in my sewing closet...

heather knitz said...

I completely understand...lol! I'm currently on a buying fabric *hiatus* lol