02 December 2008

Heidi Klum and I are W A Y ahead of the curve!

I have it on good authority that two celebrities this morning were wearing P L A I D on morning television! I'm still searching for the Patricia Heaton pics to prove it but....here is Heidi! Wearing a tartan plaid sleeveless dress!

You may remember my blog post from a month or so ago where I featured my new tartan and plaid accessories! Well, as usual, I'm W A Y ahead of the curve!

So, in honor of the plaid wearing diva's of morning television, here's to plaid!

Now, where's Y O U R plaid?
I just found this so I'm adding it...Here is Patricia Heaton on the view today!

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umlauf said...

plaid will never go out of style!!

Jemjoop said...

I noticed Heidi & Patricia both wearing plaid on tv this week. Watch for Patricia in a plaid jacket on Rachael Ray, they showed an upcoming clip.

I love plaid every day!