14 November 2010

Christmas Star Ornaments

The three Magi are related to the Christmas Star History. The reliable account about the star that helped the three wise men to find the route that led them to the dwelling place of Jesus Christ at the time of his birth is found in the Book of Matthew 2 of the Bible.

The Christmas Star History finds its reference in King James's translation of the Bible as it states, "Lo, the star went before them, till it came and stood over where Baby Jesus was lying'. This has given rise to the conclusion that the star was probably some kind of a beam of light that guided the three Magi. So it is taken into account that it would not have been possible for any astronomical phenomenon to perform the function of the star, that is to show the three men the right track. Therefore it is suggested that the star must have been a manifestation of God's glory. Other translations of the Bible, one of which is the New International version also points out that the, "star went ahead of them (the three magi) until it stopped over the place where the child was". This clears the fact to a certain extent that the star appeared in the sky to guide the three men and disappeared when they arrived at their destination.

It needs to be mentioned that the Greek word Aster is a generalized term than our English Star. It can refer to any kind of heavenly body that is, it may refer to a star or a planet, an asteroid, comet or even a meteor. But this particular interpretation that it was a star in the real sense of the term is consistent with all the facts presented. Christmas Carnivals offers information on the Christmas Star History and Christmas Celebrations worldwide.


Handcrafted, fabric rag, Christmas Star Ornaments

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